1. This project is dedicated to all women artists.


  1. When applying, the candidate accepts to make her work available on pages dedicated to this project, as well as to participate (if chosen) to appear in the UNIQUENESS book that will be published at the end of the year 2021. The Artists chosen for the book will be the ones that accumulated the most likes on the instagram and facebook pages dedicated to UNIQUENESS each month. So we will have the 12 artists at the end of December 2021.


  1. All types of expression of the fine arts will be admitted. The artists will only be able to present a single work and will only be able to participate in a single month.


  1. In case the artist uses a model for her work, she must provide a document in which she presents the consent to the use of an image duly signed by the model. 


  1. The artist agrees, so that her work can be presented on the internet pages, as well on posters and promotion pages linked to the project on the various supporters of the consortium.


  1. Emails from consortium: galeria.studios.arte@gmail.com – STUDIO S;aparsalb@frisurf.no – ARTCOM; info@viridisgallery.com – VIRIDIS;m.vieirasouza@hotmail.com – ART MULTICOR & TERAPIA; artnatic@fl1.li – ARTNATIC;angela.cardoso3007@gmail – FAM & EVENTS.


  1. Registration must be completed by the 6th of the month of 2021 (we work with one month in advance), no later than midnight. Registrations must be made through the registration form, on the link: https://www.artinplaces.com/uniqueness .


  1. If the work participating in the project is of interest  to any buyer, the contact details of the artist or his representative will be provided to the buyer. The registration form must include the representative.


  1. As mentioned in article 2, a book will be edited and made available for sale in the beginning of 2022. The artists chosen for the book should not pay for the edition. A percentage will be reserved via your 1/18 representative.


  1. The reproduction of each work by the selected artists (not only for the book) authorizes the organizers to reproduce the works and communicate their coordinates for the exclusive use of promoting and participating in « UNIQUENESS », whether in the virtual gallery and/or in other events of a promotional nature.


  1. The signature on the registration form implies the acceptance and knowledge of the articles to that regulation. All general conditions are in our website https://www.artinplaces.com/uniqueness-terms.

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