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Terms of Participation Nº 01/2021/AIP


ART IN PLACES in partnership with the artist SILVIO SEVERINO, make public the opening of the applications for the Selection of Artworks for the exhibition "No Word From Glue" and e-book, according to the following rules:



The object of this regulation is to establish the rules for "No Word From Glue", a cultural event aimed at artists in the art world who express themselves through the technique of Collage based art work in analog and digital format. A project that has as purpose to gather artists, gallerists, collectors and art admirers.  

“No Word From Glue” is characterized as an opportunity to gather talented artists to pay homage to the book - No Word From Gurb (Sin Noticias De Gurb) - which turns 30 years in 2021.  

1.1 The present event is intended to select up to 100 Artists. The artists will be chosen for simultaneous exhibitions at the g3artcontemporain gallery, at the Cork City Libary space, virtual 3D exhibition on the Art In Places Platform and participation in the event's e-book:


1.1.1 Face-to-face exhibition to be mounted at the g3artcontemporain cultural space (Rue de la Madeleine 51,1000 Brussels-Belgium) during the period 7/12 to 31/12. 

1.1.2 Live exhibition to be mounted in the cultural space Cork City Libary (61 Grand Parade, Centre, Cork-Ireland) during the period from 7/12 to 31/12. 

1.1.3 Virtual 3D exhibition on the Art In Places platform, during the period 7/12 to 31/12. 

1.1.4 E-book - will include the works of the selected artists and will be sent to the co-author artists by e-mail during the week of the exhibitions. 

1.2 The universe of the book No Word From Gurb (Sin Noticias De Gurb) by Eduardo Mendoza, should be described in the artwork. 

Synopsis - A shape-shifting alien named Gurb takes the form of a Madonna (Marta Sánchez) and disappears into the back streets of Barcelona. His hapless commander, who also changes shape at different moments in the plot ( Miguel de Unamuno, Paquirrín, Isoroku Yamamoto, Duke of Kent, Alonso V de Leon, among others), desperately tries to find him, during the search, he records the daily pleasures, dangers and absurdities of our fragile world, while making his way through huge amounts of churros. 

Author - Eduardo Mendoza- was born in 1943 in Barcelona-Spain. He spent some years in New York, where he worked at the United Nations as an interpreter. He is widely regarded as one of the most important contemporary Spanish novelists and has won many international awards.



The CANDIDATE ARTIST should send his or her file(s) according to the rules of this Terms of Participation. 

2.1 Those interested in submitting proposals in accordance with this Call for Proposals to exhibit their works in the exhibition "No Word From Glue", participate in the e-book, and market their artwork through the Art In Places Platform and curators, should apply, exclusively, through the website:


2.2 Deadlines:

  1. Registration of entries will open from 08:00 AM (Belgium) on August 7, 2021. 

  2. Registration will close at 11:59 PM (Belgium) on November 15th, 2021.

  3. The selection process of the works will take place from November 16th, 2021 to November 20th, 2021. 

  4. The announcement of the selected works will be made on the event's webpage (https:// and on social networks (Instagram and Facebook), on November 21st, 2021, and may also be communicated by email.

  5. There will be no appeal against the result presented by the Organization and Selection Committee.

2.3 Registration:

  1. Applications will be made, solely and exclusively, through the Internet by the link:

The candidate artist must correctly fill out the Registration Form with full name, artistic pseudonym (if any), complete home address or studio address, e-mail, personal phone number for contact. 

Send images in JPG (profile and art) and a brief biography (maximum 1000 characters) in PDF or DOC.

  1. A proponent can only be part of one registered work of art (1 individual work) with the artist's authorship.



1- If the registration of the same applicant is verified in two or more applications, all works in which his name appears will be automatically disqualified.

2- The effectuation of the application will imply in automatic and full agreement by the artist, with the terms of this announcement (Terms of participation No. 01/2021/AIP) for the Selection of Works for the exhibition "NO WORD FROM GLUE " and e-book.


2.4 Characteristics of the works: 

  1. Entries will be accepted for artistic language comprising collage-based art created in analogue or digital format. Multimedia artists must incorporate some element of collage in their creation.

  2. The image files must be sent according to the instructions on the form (The works must be in A3 size resolution with at least 300 dpi in vertical direction - portrait).

  3. The applicants or their legal representatives are solely responsible for the visual quality and content of the files, as well as for the information sent, and should be aware that this will depend on the evaluation of the projects.



3- Do not use money signs or accents in the file name, nor any of the following characters: \ | / ? : " * > <

4- Files with a resolution less than 300 dpi will not be accepted.


2.5 After uploading, the images sent cannot be changed. The team of "No Word From Glue" may request a complement material to the Registration, when applicable.

2.6 The exhibition will be made only with reproductions. Print will be under the responsibility of Art In Places. 

2.7 Only artists over 18 years of age will be accepted.

2.8 A non-refundable registration fee of €12 (Twelve Euros) paid online via PayPal or deposit into the bank account BE42 0689 3368 59 54 BIC GKCCBEBB FAM & Events asbl for registrations made until October 30th, 2021.


5- We warn that in cases where payments are made by third parties, representing the participant, the names of the holders responsible for these payments must be duly informed by sending an email to, at the time of its completion.

6-The registration fee collected will be used to finance the structure; logistics; technical professionals; and, promotion of the event.



3.1 First stage, with an eliminatory qualification, will be coordinated by the Organization and Selection Committee of the "No Word From Glue" convocation for entries. This will consist of verifying compliance with all the requirements of the Regulations: correct completion of the registration form and payment of the registration fee.

3.2 The Proponents will receive emails confirming receipt of the registration and the result of the selection process of the works. 

3.3 The results of the selection process of the works will be published on the networks and on the event's page on the Art In Places Platform.

3.4 Second stage, with qualification of participatory character, will be coordinated by the Organization and Selection Committee of the "No Word From Glue" convocation. 

3.5 All qualified entries will go through a pre-selection process carried out by the "No Word From Glue" Organization and Selection Committee. All pre-selected works will be published on the official page on the Art in Places platform of "No Word From Glue" - - and on social networks (Instagram and Facebook) of the event.  

3.6 Further information about "No Word From Glue " will be posted on the official page on Art in Places' platform - and on the event's social networks.



7- The selected works will be published and disclosed throughout the development of the CONVOCATION, which leads us to advise you to send the material as early as possible, avoiding leaving it for the last days, when there is a large volume of pre-selected publications. 


3.7 The Curatorship of the event will have total freedom to include or not projects from "No Word From Glue" CONVOCATION. The choice of the space in which each work will be exhibited during the same, as well as the exhibition project and the technical specifications related to the programming will be defined according to the Curatorship's criteria, seeking a common understanding with the artists.

3.8 The Commission for the Selection of the works will be composed of 06 (six) members with notorious knowledge and/or specialisation in the field of the arts, and will be responsible for :

  1. Check the regularity of the works and respective attached documentation; 

  2. Check the relevance of the works for the theme "No Word From Glue"; 

  3. Immediately disqualify the Proposers who do not meet the requirements of this announcement; 

  4. Analyze and decide on omitted cases for this Terms of Participation; 

  5. Assign grades and draw up the nomination table for the works in the order, following the criteria of: 

I. Excellence of the project, as to its proposal and execution;

II. Relevance of the work to the exhibition theme; 

III. Relevance of the project to the cultural program of "No Word From Glue"; 

IV. Viability and/or technical execution capacity of the technical memorial presented.



4.1 Of the selected works: 

  1. Certificates of participation in the event will be granted to the up to 100 selected artists. 

  2. The up to 100 selected artworks will receive their respective certificates at the opening ceremony of the exhibition via email, and inclusion in the e-book of the exhibition for all selected and exhibited works.

4.2 The Selection Committee will nominate, nominally, up to 100 artists to participate in the face-to-face and virtual exhibitions.


5.1 By accepting to participate and signing this Convocation for Proposals, the registered authors authorize the organisers of the event to use images of their works in the following media, free of charge:

  1. Venue for an indefinite period of time;

  2. Exhibitions and projections at "No Word From Glue", at any time;

  3. Printed and/or electronic media, exclusively to promote the event, at any time;

  4. Catalogues and other publicity materials about "No Word From Glue", at any time.



8- The use of the photos of the works granted to "No Word From Glue"; does not imply in any way the loss of copyright on them and they can be used in any other context by the respective authors without the prior permission of the festival. 

5.2 When applying to this Convocation for Proposals, the applicant declares the full authorship of the works to be exhibited and the inexistence of plagiarism of registered works and / or projects, besides guaranteeing the authorization of third parties that may have related rights over the artistic production, being also responsible for any third party claims related to unauthorized use.

5.3 Thus, it is hereby established that the rights to use the image of the submitted content are the exclusive responsibility of the proponent.

5.4 The organizers of the event undertake to include the proper credits in any insertion of the works.



6.1 The up to 100 shortlisted artists chosen for the exhibitions will be announced on the official page of "No Word From Glue"- and social networks (Instagram and Facebook). 

6.2 The final result will be published on 21st November 2021. 

6.3 It is the responsibility of the participants to follow the publications. 

6.4 Finalists will be contacted mainly by email and possibly by phone (whatsapp) to send the "high resolution" files when necessary for the preparation of the exhibition of the reproductions. Authors will have 7 consecutive days to make this submission, after contact from the organizing committee of the event "No Word From Glue".



7.1 The printing of the works sent and selected for the exhibition will be the responsibility of the organization committee of the event "No Word From Glue";

7.2 The marketing of the reproductions selected for the exhibition and e-book, will be held by the organization committee of the event, which will be responsible for intermediation between the artist, the public and the art market; 

7.3 The value of the reproductions will be the responsibility of the event's art curatorship team;

7.4 The value of the original works will be the artist's responsibility;

7.5 For analog original works sold at the exhibition or through the Art In Places platform, a quota of 20% of the sale value of the original work will be requested:

7.5.1 - In sales of reproductions from analog or digital works the artist will receive 20% of any profits from the reproduction sold at the exhibition or through the Art In Places platform;

7.6 The shipment of the original work will be the artist's responsibility;

7.7 The shipping of the reproductions will be the responsibility of the organizing committee of the event;

7.8 The freight will be the responsibility of the buyer.



8.1 Questions can be sent to the following e-mail:

8.2 The act of registration implies full agreement with the terms herein established and all participants agree to disclose their works and their names in the promotions directly related to the event, as well as in the exhibition and projection schedule of "No Word From Glue", according to the curatorial criteria.

8.3 The jury's decisions are sovereign and unappealable.

8.4 The open CONVOCATION for proposals "No Word From Glue" is an exclusively cultural event held by ART IN PLACES / FAM & EVENTS asbl , located at Rue Roger Van Der Weyden 31/1000 Bruxelles Belgique registered under number BE0683962836.

8.5 The artist accepts all the terms posted on the Art In Places website regarding the GDPR law.

8.6 The city of Brussels is elected to resolve any objections to these regulations or to the conduct of the parties.

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