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Exhibition Notice - Nº 02/2022/AIP

Da Vinci and his artist friends decided to philosophize on the period between the 19th and 21st centuries and discussed what happened in the mid-14th century and the end of the 16th century, thus creating a certain parallel.

After all, in the Renaissance the transformations were quite evident in culture, society, economy, politics, gastronomy and religion. Our current Renaissance is characterized by the transition to a digital world signifying an evolution in relation to the structures of the contemporary before the influence of the virtual world, the term is more commonly employed to describe its effects in the arts, philosophy and sciences.

Artists using collage or illustration as a medium are invited to apply. If you are interested in participating as an exhibitor in the “NWFG CALLS - DA VINCI SELECTION” in the edition that will be held between the 07th and 20th of November 2022 at the cultural space of Anspach Shopping - Boulevard Anspach 24 1000 Brussels Capital, Belgium - please fill out the following application form. Up to 100 artworks will be selected by our team of curators. A €20 non refundable fee will be charged once your work has been selected. Selection will happen on a first come, first served basis and as long as the artwork is submitted within technical guidelines artists will get the answers within a few weeks of submission according to the Terms of participation


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Artwork must be in A3 size resolution with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and in vertical (portrait) format in JPG. Smaller than 300dpi will not be accepted. Files uploaded must be named with your first and last name. If you have any queries or technical difficulties please email artinplaces@gmail.com. Do not use signs or accents in the filename, nor any of the following characters: \ | / ? : ” * > <

Are you interested in selling your work through Art In places?

  • All artworks sold through Art In Places must be approved by our curators team and any reproductions will be produced and held by an art curator of the platform, who will be responsible for intermediation between the artist, the public and the art consumer market. 

  • A quota of 20% of the sale value will be requested.

  • The artist will be responsible for sending the original work.

  • The shipment of reproductions will be the responsibility of Art In Places and any shipment fees are paid separately by the buyer.

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