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A cultural event aimed at artists in the art world who express themselves through art technique based on collage and/or illustration in analogue and/or digital format. 

“DA VINCI SELECTION" is characterized as an opportunity to gather talented artists to pay homage to the Renaissance era.   

The RENASCENTIST universe, described in the arts.

Da Vinci and his artist friends decided to philosophize about the period between the 19th and our current 21st centuries and discussed what happened in the mid 14th century and the end of the 16th century, thus creating a certain parallel.


After all, in the Renaissance the transformations were quite evident in culture, society, economy, politics, gastronomy and religion. Our current Renaissance is characterized by the transition to a digital world signifying an evolution in relation to the structures of the contemporary before the influence of the virtual world, the term is more commonly employed to describe its effects in the arts, philosophy and sciences.

Are we in a new RENAISSANCE? 

Da Vinci, Raphael, Titian, Michelangelo, Botticelli and others will guide you in this.

EXHIBITIONS TAKING PLACE IN: Brussels (Belgique)-  Galerie ANSPACH /

Virtual exhibit  - / e-Book.





Arty_poet  - Alan Murphy - Ireland

Collagene - Alessandra Altomare - Italy

Ave22 - Alexander Vladimirov - Russia

Alexandr Chernov - Russia

Anthony D Kelly - Ireland

Anthony Leblicq - Belgium

Augusto Garuzzi - Brazil

Astrid Stiasny - Austria

Bia Murad - Brazil

Carol Murdock - Netherlands

Caroline Goblet - Belgium

Mecha - Charlotte Meur - Belgium

Chiara De Zan - Italy

Couleur&collage - Christophe Deroo - Belgium

Danielle Iemola-Devereux - United States

DaKaBa - Dario Casares - Spain

That Cosmic Echo - David Redfield - United States

Deborah Di Leo - Italy

Delinconnue - Diana-Iuliana Ciuperca - Germany

AllYouCanVintage - Donata Maria Marchesini - Italy

Dragana Lalovic - Serbia

Dunia Barrera - Germany

Edina Picco - Germany

Eirini - Eirini Mitoudi - Greece

Katita - Elisabete Kaiser - Brazil

Elzbieta "Ela" Zdunek - Germany

Emmanuela - Esn - Emmanuela Sanchez Noack - Spain

Fernanda Porto - Germany

Flore Edharz - Belgium

Bpp Chourmo - Giuseppe Giordano - Italy

Pierre Gonda - Belgium

Kuestenpaper - Heike Koob - Germany

            Helena Kleist - United Kingdom

Ladode - Icher Elodie - France

Arpodraw - Jacques Marquis - Switzerland

Kako - Jaime (Kako) MolinaG - Chile

Pink Lily - Janelle Rydell - United States

Jesse Bouffard - Canada

Jimeno Tenorio - Mexico

Insumo Collage - Jose Luiz Moraes Sampaio - Brazil

Pervolo - Juan Ballesteros - Venezuela

Kasiani - United States

Kayo - Kayo Mikasa - Germany

Kris Blockx - Belgium

Giga - Laira Rachid - Brazil

Laura Marzola - United States

Carambolart - Le Prado Daniel - France

Lilipili - Liz Stevens - Australia

Lola Montilla Alonso - Spain

Lucy Anne Paper Cut Art - Lucy Rendle - United Kingdom

Colladipesce - Luigi Huober - Germany

Knife - Luis Antonio Rivera Rodriguez - Mexico

Luis Benkard - Brazil

Lyn Tyler - United Kingdom

Doom Journal - Lynzie Keefer - United States

Nana Fernandes - Brazil

Maria Ferrara - Germany

Malu Zanelato - Brazil

F. Merle  - France

Michelle L Miller - United States

Molly Pennington - United States

Rosemary Nagel - Canada

Nicollage - Nikola Gocic - Serbia

Olga Niki - Cameroon

Kolag and Kolors - Oxana Rogozina - Belgium

Unzypt Collage - Pamela Kieffer - United States

Collage du dimanche - Pascaline Marange - France

Patricia Cartagena - Chile

Patricia Hermes - Brazil

Peter Platel / Queer Collage Art - Belgium

Pim van Huisseling - Netherlands

Rik - Rik Verbeken - Belgium

Rocio Romero - Spain

Rosita Schandy - Uruguay

Sara Zinelli - United Kingdom

Ateljewjlhelm - Sarah Kamp - Germany

Glu3on - Simão Matos - Spain

Myworldincollage - Silvia Anglada - Belgium

Death Psychedelic - Stephen Buckley - United Kingdom

Vincent Nicolas - France

Yue Cao - China

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