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Even though the tradicional art places are currently closed, people at home are more focused than ever in improving their living spaces. This means buying art on the Internet. For this reason, your art deserves to be seen!


To gain visibility artists and galleries need to occupy these virtual spaces. Our objective is to give you that visibility with an experience that pleases the eye using best in class virtual and augmented reality technology. 

As the world moves to adopt remote working technology and the online world, this technology will allow you to re-start your gallery level exhibitions at a lower cost than a traditional real estate and making your art visible all over the world in the process.

We developed a concept called 'the artist's corner' where you can claim a space that will include features such as:

  • Inclusion of your products in our e-commerce platform to showcase your work. Clients can view it in augmented reality to see if it fits their space;

  • Your gallery 3D virtual tour;

  • Online art courses you can offer;

  • Access to a variety of tips, events and online technology courses for artists;

You will also have access to our vibrant artists and technology community to share experiences and connect with our network of artists and experts.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to occupy your online space!

I want to occupy my virtual space:

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