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Its business strategy uses the tools of digital marketing as the most current model of art gallery. The objective is to promote a considerable number of artists, who use the language of drawing and illustration, sculpture, painting, photography, eco-art and digital art. Offering them opportunities for a great dissemination and for a safe trading of their works, ensured by a specialised team dedicated to the spirit of the mission.



Founded in 2021, ART IN PLACES has developed projects according to the following objectives:

  1. To publicise and support projects by recognised artists;

  2. Discover, divulge and support projects of new artists;

  3. To provide gallery owners and collectors with a range of prestigious works and direct access to artists into the art market; 

  4. To organise virtual exhibitions capable of meeting the demands on the art market using the latest available and most innovative technologies possible;

  5. To offer projects that stimulate production, value and provide visibility for artists;

  6. To be a support point for artists regarding technological and legal trends in the art world;

  7. To provide greater knowledge about the art categories and their techniques;

  8. Marketplace management for artists approved on the platform and/or who go through the curatorship;

  9. Art auctions of its artists' art.

For that matter, the actions of Art In Places, which alternately has been developing projects in these eight strands, has been to organize and/or co-organize major exhibition opportunities for its artists, presenting their works in virtual, virtual 3D and in-person exhibitions, national and international art salons, international art competitions, networking opportunities with gallerists and collectors, marketplaces and workshops for the artist's self-development.

The continuous effort to deserve the trust of gallery owners, collectors and artists has resulted in the multiplication of projects and exhibition spaces, virtual and in-person, as well as the opportunity for market expansion for all. 



The artists are selected by an experienced team with diverse backgrounds. Thus, being able to guarantee to the partners of the platform, the possibility of exhibitions and acquisitions that respect the plurality of the universe of art and correspond to safe investments in something totally exclusive and unrepeatable: the work of art. 

Art In Places is rigorously careful to maintain a multidisciplinary, intergenerational offer, to be a builder of dialogues within the criteria of democratisation of the access to the art market, as much to artists as to gallery owners and collectors.


Our goal is to facilitate the artist's work as much as possible and respecting, always, the artist's desires and options.

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